Agile Methodlogy

NDOT Team came up with good solution and the team developed the system using the best life cycle Agile Methodology. Client also supported and they themselves provided the sprint backlog which contains all the design and development in the form of split ups which is called as Stories.


One of the facility management service providers is our client and he needs a product to serve better to his clients as well as to get better practices.


Need for facility management system,Current system had low response time.

What We Did

  • Best FMS was setup.
  • All branches were connected.
  • Quick response time was achieved.
  • Good visibility on project progress.

Technologies Used

Agile Methodlogy


  • Clear vision of project development via burndown chart.
  • Offers a lightweight framework for helping teams.
  • Continuous planning and feedback.
  • Teams are able to continuously align the delivered software with desired¬†business needs.
  • Easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process.
  • More accurate visibility in to the actual progress of project.
  • Finally, as a result of following an agile process, at the conclusion of a¬†project is a software system that much better addresses the business and customer needs.
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