Ndot Technologies provided the Ndotdeals as the unanimous solution for Buddie group to build their business. A group buying site was built using the Ndotdeals script. The site was customized for special design layout. The language customization was included in the project to support Chinese and English language. One of the best features included with the Ndotdeals as a customization was the multiple-deals concept.


The Buddie group friends was very much interested in hosting a site with multiple language support such as Chinese and English. They were interested in building a group buying site for displaying multiple options for the customers to buy such as fashion products or tourism package. In particular, Buddie group friends wanted to implement the multiple-deals concept which allow the user to pick-up specific deal offer within a deal. They also requested for design customization to enhance the site features.

What We Did

  • Design customization was provided
  • Site supported Chinese and English language
  • Site included multi-deal concept


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndotdeals

  • Attractive site design
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple-deals support
  • Stable platform to conduct ecommerce
  • Good communication system established
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