Using the PHP script, the Ndot deals can easily make the website attractive and interactive. The present as well as the past deals will be placed in separate menus. Users can even share the deals through Facebook and share it with their friends. There is also an option of earning cool incentives by referring your friends.

Client is a social buying website which makes a difference. They are the unique deal service providers who focuses on the community. It brings business, clients and charitable organizations together for the benefit of each other.


The client requires a deal site that can help users to navigate the website in an easy manner using PHP script. The website should display all the present and past deals in separate menus. Even there should be an option that allow users to broadcast the deals to friends and known people. Also there should an option where people can share the deals with their friends and known acquaintances.

What We Did

  • Website is built using PHP script that combines all the features of a deal and simple to navigate
  • The past and fresh deals are posted in separate modules
  • Gives the ability to the user to broadcast his deals on social networking sites
  • Get cool incentives by referring friends
  • Each purchase made, a small percentage goes for charity


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndotdeals:

  • Listing of deals in a neat and accurate manner
  • Market products and refer friends through Facebook
  • Get bonus and incentives by referring friends
  • Present a particular deal to your friend or loved ones
  • Purchase and side by side do charity
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