Connected Commerce

The client wants a loyalty program where the customer gets points based on the amount that he or she has spend. It also wants a program where customers gets reward based on certain action that they perform. In addition to that the customer should gets points after a certain number of visits. Plus the website has to be interactive and easy to navigate. Also the clients wants to know what kind of products the customer buys and the from which manufacturer.


The client is an ecommerce loyalty solution provider who has vast experience in this field. It is known for giving innovative rewards to its loyal customers and knowing the pulse of their needs.


Creating an innovative and interactive loyalty program. Allow the customer to get points based on the amount of dollars he or she spends. The customer also has to get loyalty benefits after performing some action. Also the customer should get cash back loyalty.

What We Did

  • Created an easy to use and follow loyalty program.
  • Point per dollar loyalty program introduced.
  • Action based loyalty program was incorporated where customer got certain benefits after performing certain action.
  • Well-built cash back loyalty program build for the satisfaction of the customer.

Technologies Used

Connected Commerce Connected Commerce Connected Commerce Connected Commerce


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndot's loyalty program

  • Innovative and easy to follow loyalty program.
  • Easy to understand loyalty program.
  • An excellent means to attract new customer and retain the old ones.
  • Know more about the preferences of the customers.
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