Dozen Plus

Ndot Technologies provided the customized version of Auction script as a solution to all their requirements. We provided unique highest bid option as an alternative for penny auction which worked out well. We also provided an exciting option for the auction site to function as a regular shopping cart or e-commerce site. With this buy now option, the user will be able to buy the products without participating in the auction such that he/she can buy their desired product even if they lose in auction.


Dozen Plus is one of the most reputed auction site which provides a secure and easy way for companies and individuals with large quantities of stock to auction there merchandise.


Dozen Plus had good reputation which allowed people to buy all auction products in dozen. They found that penny auction was not suitable for their site and approached us for a newer method. They also wanted to improve their business by adapting to futuristic concepts.

What We Did

  • Unique highest bid option instead of penny.
  • Buy now option which act like shopping cart.


The key benefits upon implementation of Auction script:

  • Unique highest bidding method
  • Buy now similar to shopping cart
  • More site visitors
  • Large quantity clearance with dozen-sell at one buy concept
  • Increased reputation for
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