The emirateson.com is built using the basic PHP script with all the features. Apart from the regular feature of displaying the current deals, past deals and the entire deals, the website also shows the deals that are present as per locations. Also user can check out the various deals that are happening all over the UAE. Plus user can use social networking sites to create awareness of the products. Even the user can get email about the daily deals that are occurring in his or her area.


Emirtateson is a part of Royal Group International. It features various market focused deals regarding the best things to see, eat, buy, etc across UAE. It ranks as one of the leading brand carriers and service providers of international status.


The client requires a deal site where users can view all the deals in one single screen using PHP script. Apart from that, the website should also show the past deals that have been sold or purchased. There should be separate menu option for each deals like today's deal, past deals and all deals.

What We Did

  • Website is built using the PHP script that combines all the features of a deal site.
  • The website also displays the entire deals present in the area
  • Even those deals that have been over or close can be viewed by the user.


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndotdeals:

  • Listing of deals as per the priority – current, past, etc
  • Viewing each deals that are present all over the UAE
  • Using social networking website to create awareness of the products and services
  • Get daily alerts of the deals through mail
  • Easy to use and navigational website
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