Developing a CMS website for Music Blog and accessing Music Application and Discography from Itunes (Apple). This website has the ability to send the SMS to the Subscribed users while registration as well as by administrator. Also it has the functionality to send Song Download link to Mobile and the users has the ability to download directly to their PC. Featuring the comment system and the Rating system will be added advantage to show the website in the unique way.


Client came up with an idea of adding the post in the blog related to Music categories such as audio, video, news, etc,. and use of the Discography of Itunes (Apple). Client needs to send the Email Newsletter and the Send SMS to the registered users. So we planned to do in the wordpress and developed the discography of itunes using the plugins in wordpress.


When the user logs in, he is offered with all the service such us downloading the songs in mobile as well as PC and also has the ability to listen the songs from the Discography of itunes.

What We Did

  • Accessed the Itunes Discography by developing a plugin in Wordpress.
  • Bulk SMS Plugin creation.
  • File downloading Plugin.


The key benefits upon implementation of Gospelify:

  • Users will get updates when a new music album is released
  • Users will be able to access the Discography of Itunes
  • Administrator can send SMS and email newsletter
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