Greeting Creator

Greeting Creator is a fabulous iPad application that has multiple features that can keep the users entertained. The user can use the pencil option with different sizes to draw freehand images. A color palette is available with the application which can be used to make the image colorful. Above all, the user can download the images from internet or take a snap through ipad and edit the picture. Personalize greeting cards can be made using greeting creator as well as it can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Audio can be recorded using this application.


There was a thrusting need to create a different ipad application that can hold the attention of the users. A need was noted for an application that can allow the user to express their creativity in handling the images and creating personalized greeting cards for their loved one.


Shopping sometimes can be hectic when there is long queue. The task is to create a mobile shop where users can browse and order their needs. Mobile commerce has to be made into reality with proper payment methods and delivery options.

What We Did

  • Application to create greetings
  • Browse and download images from internet
  • Take image snap and work in application
  • Pencil tool for freehand drawing
  • Color palette for adding colors
  • Audio recording and play back
  • Facebook and Twitter share

Technologies Used

Greeting Creator


The key benefits of Greeting Creator are:

  • Ability to download images from internet
  • Include images taken as snap with ipad
  • Pencil tool with different sizes
  • Color palette option
  • Voice recording option
  • Simple to create personalized greeting cards  
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