Ideaprofile social networking site was developed by NDOT adhering to Quality at every stage. There were two modules such as project and concept. The ideas were presented under the concept option. User can use the tools like video and picture creation to express their ideas. The project option insisted on developing more on the idea such as to do list, mission, objective, enable us, barrier, strategy, plan, key factors etc.


Ideaprofile is an innovative concept to bring the ideas into reality by doing further discussions. This is basically a project developed for a client based in UAE. Anyone can login and submit their ideas. People can chat or send mails about the shared ideas. This helps to build the idea as a real project.


A central place has to provided for the user in order to share ideas. He/she has to interact with others and develop the idea into project, which means there should be proper communication channel. User should have contacts with many under a single environment.

What We Did

User could communicate with other users, colleagues, friends, and family in order to discuss with them regarding the ideas using the mail (inbox) and chat option. Thus idea profile is a place to document, develop, and network an idea.


The key benefits upon implementation of website:

  • Quality Social networking website
  • Place for idea sharing
  • Videos and pictures to express ideas
  • Discuss about idea on mails and chat
  • Develop the idea into a project
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