Loyalty Management System

A fully integrated marketing solutions platform that would enhance the retail consumer experience and allow retailers to exchange information safely with their customers, strengthen their brand and reward customers for their loyalty. The envisioned product was to be the first-of-its-kind in the existing market and needed to be developed in a compressed timeframe.


A leading software development company providing a loyalty management platform for mini-retailers in the US. Their platform provides a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses to increase revenues by acquiring, developing, retaining and rewarding their customers.


Devise a loyalty program for mini-retailers. Tool to strengthen brand and reward customers. Send instant SMS and scan QRCodes.

What We Did

  • Cost-effective solution for medium sized business.
  • API for mobile application using WCF restful service.
  • Best design, development, and deployment.

Technologies Used

Loyalty Management System


The key benefits upon implementation of Loyalty Management System.

  • NDot helped the customer build this new innovative product within a compressed timeframe. The conceptual and operational road map for moving the new product from idea to launch was carried out in a very short span of few months.
  • NDot was involved through the entire design, development, testing, deployment, rollout and support of the loyalty management platform, bringing together an integrated solution leveraging software and services.
  • NDot helped the customer during System Acceptance Testing, which turned out to be very successful for the software release.
  • The final product was received very well by the market at both of the consumer and retailer level during its launch.
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