My Clinic

The patient can always contact the hospital 24x7 to schedule appointments using the Myclinic Android application. The human error and work load for the clinic was completely reduced. Myclinic provided options for appointment reminders for the patient which reduced no shows. The reminders can also be set for taking pills. The patients can contact the hospital or clinic on one touch call,SMS,or email. Myclinic also showed the geolocation of the hospital on the map. Regular updates and news could be sent on mobile to the patients. The Facebook and twitter were also shared with the application such that the patients could refer the hospital to others.


Ndot Technologies


The clinic or hospital had to schedule the appointment by referring the doctor availability. There were many no shows and cancellation of appointments which led to poor resource allocation. Patient were not able to contact the clinic easily.

What We Did

  • Freeze appointment slots through mobile
  • Proper usage of resource allocation using the application
  • Reminders about appointment and pills
  • Locate geolocation of clinic on map
  • One touch call, SMS, or email
  • Regular updates through mobile

Technologies Used

My Clinic


The key benefits upon implementation of MyClinic Android application :

  • 24x7 patient appointment scheduling with clinic
  • One touch call, SMS, or email
  • View appointment status
  • Find the hospital with geolocation on the map
  • Best resource utilization
  • Get news update from clinic
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing
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