Nearest Places

Nearest Places is an iPad application specifically developed to find the nearest places in the City. The user can select the city and do a search for the particular location by selecting the category. The many categories include ATM, bank, airport, salon, hospitals, amusement park etc. Using the Nearest Places, one can locate the nearest ATM or hospitals. The information can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The places can also be located on the map geographically with details about time taken for covering the distance by walk or by drive. Complete address appears along with other information.


Ndot Technologies.


Normally when we visit a place, we enquire others about the places nearby. Sometimes we may get confused to reach the place or end up searching ATMs. If there is any solution to this, it will be useful for everyone.

What We Did

  • Nearest Places iPad application to locate places
  • Select the city name to search in that place
  • Choose the category such as hospital or ATM
  • Locate the place on map
  • Find the time taken to reach by walk or drive

Technologies Used

Nearest Places


The key benefits of Nearest Places application are:

  • Locate the places easily on the map
  • Search using city name and category
  • Find the distance and time to reach the place
  • Independent search to locate places
  • Social media share
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