Offers Pack

OffersPack was devised as the solution for the client request. The OffersPack Blackberry mobile application provides the facility to manage the daily deals efficiently. The application is customized for Spanish language. The user can browse the deals categorically. The deals are classified as Today's deal, Instant deals, Nearby deals etc. The payment method is either Paypal or credit card. The exact location of the merchant who is providing the deals can be found using the geo-location on map feature. The user can view the details of his/her coupons using which the product can be redeem from the merchant. The social media has been integrated for referring the deals on Facebook or Twitter.


OffersPack is a daily deals application developed in Blackberry that has been specifically developed for the Bagota customers and the application is customized in Spanish language.


The foremost challenge is to develop a daily deal application that can support the Spanish language since it is specifically developed for Bagota people. The application should be easy to browse such that users can find their deal quickly. The payment method should be safe and secured. The deal should reach the maximum customers.

What We Did

  • Application available in Spanish language
  • Deals listed under heading like Today's deal, Instant deal
  • Paypal or credit card payment methods
  • Social media share
  • View coupon details
  • Geo-location of deals

Technologies Used

Offers Pack


The key benefits of OffersPack application are:

  • Language customization for Spanish
  • Display of deals categorically
  • Today's deal to display the present deal
  • Instant deals to show deals overriding other criteria
  • Geo-based deal offers
  • Display of near by deals
  • Secured money transaction
  • Social media share
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