SectsCells iPhone mobile application was successfully developed based around city Jamaica, West Indies, to conduct mobile commerce actively using robust backend and frontend admin panel. The list of all the shops within 5 to 10 Km will be listed categorically on the mobile phone. The shops can be located geographically on the map. Users can browse the application, find their favorite products, and order them. They can pay-in-shop or through other medium like Paypal, credit card, or cash-on-delivery. The public profile can be stored to serve the customers better.


SectsCells iPhone mobile application has been carefully designed and developed to ensure proper channel for buying and selling products using the mobile platform for the client Damion Miller.


Shopping sometimes can be hectic when there is long queue. The task is to create a mobile shop where users can browse and order their needs. Mobile commerce has to be made into reality with proper payment methods and delivery options.

What We Did

  • SectsCells application for mobile shop
  • Locate the shop geographically on the map
  • Buy products on few clicks (order)
  • Pay via Paypal, credit card, cash-on-delivery, pay-in-shop
  • Store public profile for best service

Technologies Used



The key benefits of SectsCells application are:

  • Category-wise listing of shop
  • Locate the shop geographically on the map
  • Browse and buy or order the products
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Delivery option at shop or at spot
  • Personalized service for regular customers
  • Intuitive and user-friendly backend control panel
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