Swedish Crossword

Developing a Swedish type crossword web application is much needed functionality for the client. It is the type of game application where user can play the crossword game and if the user left the game, his/her data must be stored and the user will continue his/her game at any time. Manual and Automatic generation of game template are needed and must have large database of dictionary words.


Client requires the Swedish type of crossword game application for his newspaper. So We have idea to achieve this game by storing the game data of users using the IP based.


When the user enters the website, he/she should be able to play the game while the statistics has to be stored in the database. Administrator must have the capability to add the manual and automatic game generation, Dictionary words and view the statistics of the users. Options to add many type of grid games such as 4x4, 10x10, 16x14, etc.

What We Did

  • Saving the users data in DB on keypress in the game.
  • Providing the Various templates of grid for the creation of Automatic Games.
  • Collected Huge Database of dictionary words via internet.

Technologies Used

Swedish Crossword


The key benefits upon implementation of Swedish Crossword:

  • Users can play Games at anytime.
  • Users can quit his game at any time and he/she will be able to continue his game.
  • Administrator can add Manual type game of different grid sizes and Automatic Game of only one fixed size.
  • Administrator can track the users.
  • Users will have an interactive game application apart from playing in the newspaper.
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