Tuta.co was developed which is an online market for plain weird services. Tuta.co offers a whole world of options, a new way to generate impact in your social network, and a new type of entertainment in which everyday people can be the stars. The application allows for chat between buyers and sellers and share information among the social circle


Tuta.co is the online marketplace for plain weird services With tuta.co, anybody can buy, sell or even request these creative, fun, or even strange services (like hidden camera pranks, personal paparazzi, digital serenades, and more) for others to buy, personalize and share.


Client requested to develop an iPhone application for a marketplace where buying and selling of weird services can take place

What We Did

  • Tuta.co online market for plain weird services
  • Buy, personalize, and share
  • Sell by selecting area on map
  • Share info across social circle

Technologies Used



The key benefits of tuta.co application are:

  • Post your weird or crazy service and start selling.
  • Browse for already existing weird services, buy one and personalize it anyway you want
  • Setup live selling selecting an area on a map
  • Find services that are being sold live so you can receive them immediately
  • Call your seller to setup your service delivery (phone numbers are never shown)
  • Chat between buyer and seller
  • Setup an account with your bio and info
  • Share whatever you want in your social circle.
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