iPhone App Development

App development in iPhone has enhanced advantage over other mobile platforms. The iPhone applications exhibit smooth and intuitive user interface with consistent user experience which can impress the end user. Since every application has to be approved by Apple standards, security threats are avoided which makes the iPhone app safe.

NDOT builds customized apps with the right tools to explore the unlimited possibilities of designing an iPhone application. Utmost care is taken for each iPhone projects with proper resource utilization. Businesses can reach the most tech savvy audience with well developed iPhone apps. The users can also reach the company easily from anywhere at anytime. Plenty of entertainment and games apps are also developed with quality output. We provide end-to-end solutions using the most suitable technologies.

Tools and Technology Used

OS and production environment
  • Mountain Lion 10.8.2

  • iPhone 6.0 SDK

  • iPhone 6.0

Development Environment and Collaboration
  • XCode 4.5

  • Interface Builder

Development Languages
  • Objective-C

Frameworks and Components
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Touch

  • Cocos 2d

  • My-SQL

Other Tools and Solutions
  • ASI HTTP Request

  • For Barcode scanner - RedLazer API

Development Process

Standard development methods are followed for implementing best practices with proper delivery of the application on time. Every application is made value-rich such that it meets the changing need of the technology.

Skilled professionals

According to your needs and requirements, our skilled iPhone developers build creative mobile applications using the iPhone SDK platform. We have resources to complete any large size project on time by closely working with clients to meet their expectations and deliver the products within the timeline at greater level of accuracy.

Why Choose us?
  • Industry-standard iPhone application development

  • Deploy the latest technologies to build innovative apps feature

  • Good turn around time with low development cost

  • Continuously update with latest technologies

  • We provide better customer service

  • Build easy to use apps

  • Create brand recognition

  • Increase business profit and sales

  • Enhance user experience

  • Improved customer relationship


Hire iPhone developers: Hire iPhone developers based on hourly, weekly, monthly, or flat-rate basis for faster development with customization.

Mobile solutions: We provide mobile solutions for iPhone platform across different verticals such as hotel, restaurant, cabs, hospital etc with our indepth knowledge in various industries.


Indepth technical knowledge is the key for our success. Work with a unique iPhone application development company equipped with a team of skilled professionals who can build customized apps that are feasible solutions for your business. We develop , design, and deploy mobile applications for various iPhone devices.

Contact Us:

We provide iPhone application development service for all types of project like business, social networking, games etc. Visit our site http://www.ndottech.com/portfolio.html and check the portfolio to know more about our projects that we have done for clients. For more details, contact us at contact-sales@ndottech.com. We always extend our support for the success of customer.

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