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Blackberry is a powerful tool for the business people to stay connected with all the time. There was a time when the Blackberry mobile device was utilized only by the business class, but now it has changed in the past few years. These days the young crowd also have a Blackberry. The social networking sites also have grown by leaps and bounds forming networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare and much more. To interact with the varied networks, mobile users need to install separate applications for each network.

We are involved in developing customized social media apps for Blackberry in all fields. We develop suitable applications for automatically updating your location with tweet, send videos, upload photos and much more. Users will have the facility to post their update or get the updates of other users using the social media apps.

Our service for Blackberry social media apps include:
  • Facebook apps development

  • Facebook fan page apps

  • Apps for Facebook connect integration

  • Apps for Twitter access

  • Twitter apps to get direct messages and updates

  • Community building widgets

  • Content sharing widgets

  • Advertising widgets

  • Subscription widgets

  • Tracking widgets

  • Polis and survey widgets

  • Syndication widgets

Benefits of Blackberry Social media apps
  • Apps connect the social networking sites

  • Manage the brand with increased product awareness

  • Targeted audience via social media

  • Keep customers informed

  • Attract new customer

  • Share photos, videos etc

  • Social apps allows for end-user analysis and feedback tracking

Benefits of Blackberry apps for business and productivity:
  • Easy decision making with up-to-date data

  • Quick turn-around from business and operations

  • Connectivity of staff across different levels of the organization

  • Ability of apps to mesh up with other apps

  • Powerful, flexible, and feature rich apps

  • High performance apps that suits for all models of Blackberry

Why Ndot?

The Blackberry app development demands that the developers who work on it have full expertise about its various elements and are equipped with the knowledge of the software development in the mobile world. The demands for high-end Blackberry applications keeps on increasing day-by-day.

The NDOT specializes in Blackberry social media application development. We know that your business needs are something that would enthrall thousands of users. This is the exact reason why we are here to offer you customized services. We have a team who work together to deliver you an outstanding application.

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