Business and Productivity Application

The Windows OS for mobiles are more successful because of its powerful development platform. It provides stable security and deployment tools. The OS is user-friendly and has well-known operation sets. The Windows OS has a major advantage over other mobile platforms as it can integrate with enterprise IT solutions such as Exchange and SharePoint.

The business people use the MS office extensively such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Exchange etc which is availabe with Windows phones and can be used for developing many business and productivity applications. These can also be synchronized with Sharepoint. Thus, window-based applications are considered to be much safer.

Few categories of Windows business and productivity apps are:
  • Office add-ins

  • Personal finance

  • Accounts

  • Personal Info managers

  • Spreadsheets

  • Sales status update

  • Backup photos and documents

  • Communication features (instant messaging, VoIP, audio, video, etc)

  • Customized solutions

We are involved in developing business and productivity apps for Windows OS. Our company possesses a dedicated team of professional mobile application development programmers who can create impressive application development. We deliver outstanding and reliable applications with good turn-around time.

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