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In today’s fast-paced environment, Smartphone and Internet go hand in hand, and Windows Mobile augments it. The windows mobile technology allows users to browse the internet, send and receive emails, prepare presentations, etc.

Mobile Internet Applications allow mobile users to connect to the World Wide Web or to access the web pages from their mobile device. These days everyone seems to be connected with the world using wireless devices and amazingly mobile phone is the most commonly used wireless device.

Mobile Internet Applications can include a wide variety of applications that help to connect to the internet for playing online games such as chess etc.

Internet Explorer Mobile is a full-featured Internet browser that is optimized for devices with small, vertically oriented displays. HTML functionality for the mobile Internet browser includes support for tables, forms, and frames.

The integrated tools and technologies of the flash platform including Flex, Flash Builder, Flash Player, and AIR can be used to deliver RIAs to the mobile devices.

Why Ndot

Today's sophisticated end users require mobile applications with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security and integration with other applications. Ndot has the tools, processes and experience necessary to develop mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Ndot technologies Pvt Ltd offers exclusive Windows Mobile Apps development services for developing creative Windows Mobile custom apps for our clients. Using the latest Windows Mobile SDK 6.0, our expert Windows Mobile Developers develops custom made applications for the new age Windows Mobile handset. We are equipped with various elements and knowledge needed for software development in the mobile world.

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