• Picknget


    Picknget.com ecommerce website provides a single platform for selling both products a...

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  • Emallx Shopping Center

    Emallx Shopping Center

    EmallX is a multi-vendor ecommerce site that ...

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  • Souq


    This is a clean Dubai based ecommerce app that handles the sale of products through t...

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  • Stationery Online Store - UAE

    Stationery Online Store - UAE

    This is an exclusive multi merchant shopping cart for sale...

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  • Kotak Offers

    Kotak Offers

    Kotak Offers website was developed for the client Kotak Mahindra bank. This website o...

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  • Aggme


    Aggme.com is based on one of the product of Ndot, NdotSocial. The site allows to mana...

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  • PlumUP


    PlumUP is a communication app for Android platform that allows the user to freely mes...

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  • Simmons


    This is a e-shopping website designed in French language. The site is mainly for doin...

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  • Allianz


    This is an advantageous app developed in Italian language for the insurance company A...

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