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About My Clinic

Patient Appointment Scheduler

MyClinic application is developed for Android and iPhone platform that automates the work of patient appointment scheduling and greatly reduces the manual work. MyClinic allows the patient to get an appointment with the doctor at anytime from anywhere which increases the flexibility as well as improves the credibility of the hospital. The MyClinic application is an useful solution that satisfies the customers. The application keeps the patient engaged with relevant messages and manages the contact details..

Get Appointment Status Notification

The patient can get the status of the appointment at anytime by referring the MyClinic application. Once when the appointment is scheduled for the patient, the application keeps track of the appointment date and timings and sends regular notification about the appointment. The patient can also view the status of the appointment such as approved, disapproved, pending etc.

The patient can use the MyClinic appointment scheduler to contact the hospital on one touch call, SMS, or email which makes the application reliable and convenient. The patient can receive the notification about the personal or news information. The personal notification includes the appointment alerts with details like appoint date, department, time, status etc. The archive option is also available.

The MyClinic application allows the patient to be in contact with the clinic 24x7 and fix the appointment schedule at their flexible timings. The patient can also check the availability of the appointment slot by checking the status.

One Touch to Call

Patient can make a call to the clinic/hospital in one touch using MyClinic which simplifies the details.

One Touch to Email

Patient can send an email to the clinic/hospital in one touch which eases the work of the user.

One Touch to Message

Patient can send a message at anytime to the clinic/hospital in one touch which is very beneficial.

Appointment & Social Share

The patient can fix an appointment with the hospital/clinic using the MyClinic application which is available for Android and iPhone platform. The patient can open the appointment tab available in the application and fill the details to fix the appointment. All the details like name, phone, email should be entered. The details of the appointment like physician department type, date of appointment, timing should be furnished to freeze the appointment slot.

The social media is also shared with the MyClinic patient appointment scheduler. The patients can share about the application with their friends in Facebook and Twitter which may increase the popularity of the application in the /public. Since the MyClinic application has many useful features that are in favor of the patient, they are sure to recommend the application.

The patients can access the application at their convenient timings and fix the appointment with the corresponding doctor in the department without their physical presence in the clinic/hospital. This can impress the patients to recommend the application on social media.

Get Direction Between Patient to Clinic

The most interesting part of MyClinic application is that it allows to locate the geographical location of the hospital/clinic in the map. The patients can find the route to reach the hospital from their location using the map facility in the application.

The Myclinic Patient Appointment Scheduler has many features like one touch calls, share contact details of clinic to friends, check status notification, social media share etc, but locating the location of the clinic on the map is an impressive feature for the patients.

The patients can easily find the distance between the hospital/clinic from their place and decide on their transportation to reach the hospital for the scheduled appointments.

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