Mobile Application for Deals

The SmartOffers is an exciting mobile application that displays the group deals offers on the mobile platform. The merchants can manage and post the deals on both web and mobile platform. The application is compatible for different mobile platforms. The users can download the application and start browsing the deals categorically. The deals can be listed based on the classification such as Today's deal, Instant deals, Nearby deals, Geo-based deals etc.

The SmartOffers app converts your mobile phone as your workplace to promote the deals and offers. You can also use the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to make your deals famous among the mobile users. The application also has bar code scanner facility for easy billing. The user can choose either Paypal or credit card to avail the coupons.

The user screens of the SmartOffers is very simple and self-explanatory. The mobile application of group buying offers appears to be attractive and clear.

instant deals

Support Multiple Platforms

The SmartOffers app is available across different mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry. You can download the suitable version of SmartOffers application for your mobile platform to increase the performance of the app wih best display features.

Today's Deals

All the deals on the mobile group buying application created by SmartOffers can be categorized and listed based on the need. The deals that are posted on that particular day, ie today, can be displayed separately as a list using the Today's Deals option. This is useful for the user to follow on the current deals.

today deals
instant deals
Instant Deals

If there is any need for displaying the deals on the mobile platform immediately which are scheduled for different date or time, you can use this Instant Deals option. This option allows to display the deals instantly on the application by overriding the current settings for display. Instant Deals are also useful for managing the expiring deals.


The SmartOffer app allows for geo-based listing of the deals. The deals on the mobile application can be viewed based on the geographic location of the deal. The deals can be located on the map for identifying the place from where the deal is offered which is an added advantage for the user.

User Account Management

The user account is managed effectively by the SmartOffer. The user details such as username and password are maintained properly which can be edited by the user at anytime. The user can login into the account to list the deals for viewing the deal offers available on the SmartOffers mobile application.

Social Media Share

The social media has been integrated with the SmartOffer application for sharing the deals and offers displayed on the mobile with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The group deals that are listed on the application can be referred or recommended to others using this option.

Contact us

The SmartOffers app provides a separate Contact Us page for the users to contact the application holder. The details like email, phone number, and SMS are clearly displayed under the contact us page. It also contains the mailing address of the deals hosting application holder. The user can send an email or SMS or call the application holder just on a single click.

Bar Code Scanner

The SmartOffers app has the facility of bar code scanner. The bar codes on the product for sale can be scanned easily using this option. This is very flexible for the merchants to track the inventory easily with easy product pricing and sale. The bar code code scanner allows flexible billing and payment for the offer product on the mobile application.

Nearby Deals

This is one of the best option available for listing the deals from the near by places. When you select a city from the list, all the deals listed under that particular place gets displayed on the screen. The user can locate the deals in the near by places. It is useful for knowing about the best offers in the near by places to avail the offers at the earliest.

Payment Gateway Support

The SmartOffer app has robust payment gateway integration for completing the transactions that are commencing in the group deals mobile application. The user can optionally pay using the Paypal or Credit card for the offers bought through the mobile application. The application is very secured for all money transactions.

About us

The merchants can manage the deals with options to add, edit, or delete the deals. They can view the list of users, details of coupons sold, etc either logging into web or mobile platform.

The SmartOffer app offers an About Us page that is included into the mobile application. The merchants can furnish their company details under this heading which can be useful for the users to know more about the organization. The user gets the information about the background of the company that is providing the deals offer on the mobile application.

Mobile and Web Platform

The merchant can maintain the group buying application on both web and mobile platform. Separate merchant platform is available for web access and mobile access. The merchant can maintain the group buying application using both the platform flexibly. It is an advantage for the merchant since he can publish the deals in the web form which will be viewed in mobile also.

Merchant and End user Apps

The SmartOffers app is useful for both merchants and the end user. Separate application is available for both of them to access the mobile group buying application. The merchant application allows to manage the activities of the merchant to post the deals and handle the users & coupons. The end user application allows the user to register and start browsing the deals for buying.