Get to know the details of the restaurants as well as the delicacies and chef's special

Android and iPhone Application for Restaurant

Android and iPhone Application for Restaurant

Need of restaurant mobile application

Sitting in an exquisite restaurant and having food with our loved ones is what we all wish for. A quite and peaceful family time is something that we can at least get in today's busy schedule. But there are challenges embedded in it. Firstly, you have to know what kind of cuisine is offered at a particular restaurant, the cost of the food and the time period required to make reservation.

There are chances that you may not have good restaurants in your area or you may not be aware of it. Sometimes you wish if there was one way or another to know about the restaurants in your area. That is where you can use the help of Restaurant Mobile Application. With a simple click of a button on your Smartphone, you can know what kind of restaurants are there and how much good they are.

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Restaurant mobile application

It is high time that we start planning while going to a restaurant with our loved ones. Sometimes we may want to know what is the chef's recommendation or the specialty of the day. Just by logging into the Restaurant Mobile Application, you can easily know such details and even the particular ingredients and spices used in it.

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  • The ability to know the chef's recommendation.

  • Know the ingredients and spices that are used in the cuisine.

  • Entire information about the restaurant available on a single click.

  • Interactive and efficient app.

Filtering of restaurant and list of cuisines

The Restaurant Mobile Application can be used to get the list of the restaurants that are in your area. You can filter them as per star level, price, amenity of the neighbourhood. Sometimes you may want to celebrate your anniversary with your wife and family at a lavish restaurant. You can easily do so by filtering the list of the restaurants using this application.

  • Filtering of the restaurant on the basis of price, star level, etc.

  • View the price of each food available in the restaurant.


Previously, you must have had a hard time in making reservations. But now that is the thing of the past. Using the Restaurant Mobile Application you can make reservations for tables, spa, banquets in one simple click. No more having to be noted in the waiting list. You can easily get listed in a matter of seconds. Plus it also saves you from giving unwanted tips to the waiter.

You can book meeting halls and arrange for all the necessary things for the meeting through the Restaurant Mobile Application. You can specify the number of people who will be attending the meeting, their names, the projector, etc.

  • Easy to make reservations.

  • No need to get noted in the waiting list.

  • Saves you from giving unnecessary tips to waiters.

  • Easy booking of meeting halls and making arrangements.

Dining hall and dining package

Using the Restaurant Mobile Application, you can book a dining hall with a pride lounge. In the past you must have waited for a long time to book for such a thing. But it can be easily done using this application. In addition to that, you have the luxury and the choice of creating your own dining package as per your whims and fancy.

  • Easy booking of dinning hall with pride lounge.

  • The choice of creating your own dinning package.

Customer choice

What makes our dine out complete is the ability to choose the food we like to eat and book the table in advance. Such things can be easily done using the Restaurant Mobile Application. With the single click of the button on the phone, you can choose the food you like and also have the option of getting it delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Choose the food you like and get it delivered in a single click.

  • Easy to read and understand online menu

Table organization and seat distribution

Table management and organization can be easily done using the Restaurant Mobile Application. If you are having important dignitaries for dinner, you can arrange the tables and the seat as per the social status and importance.

  • Arrangement of seats and table as per the social status of the guest.

  • Proper and accurate table management and organization.

Reservation during christmas

The interesting part of using the Restaurant Mobile Application is that you can make advance reservations during holiday events like Christmas, New Years Eve, etc. During these holiday seasons, it is very much difficult to make reservation rather than think about cuisines. To have a clean family atmosphere you need to have parties or celebrations that are quite easy to manage. The Restaurant Mobile Application gives the facility of merging tables and partitioning huge parties.

  • Advance reservation during holidays like New Years Eve and Christmas.

  • Clean family atmosphere to celebrate parties and celebrations.

Customer information

Another unavoidable feature of the Restaurant Mobile Application, is that you can modify the guest list and history. You get to make and manage reservation based on the guest list. The entire list of the guests along with their phone number will get displayed in this application.

There is also VIP per-assessment and special seat allotment possible using the Restaurant Mobile Application. In short, it is convenient and easy to use the Restaurant Mobile Application and you are surely going to enjoy it.

  • Modifying the guest list and history.

  • Easy managing of reservation based on guest list.

  • VIP per-assessment and special seat allotment for prestigious guests.