Indhumathi D

27 Aug 2018

E-hailing would be the talk of the town for over a decade. Since the inception of the technology, the e-hailing taxi business has gained popularity among the taxi business operators. While people started wondering the technology behind the ride-hailing app, many have started cloning the applications with similar features.

Indhumathi D

30 Jul 2018

The transportation industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the last few years.
Where ride-hailing players like Uber and Lyft  continue to progress, the advancements in technology and the social preferences of Millennials in instantaneous access over ownership has shifted the transportation’s paradigm towards a new dawn, MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service).

Indhumathi D

24 Jul 2018

Maintaining your fleet in the top condition is one of the critical issues involved in fleet management. The difficulty of improving vehicle performance through regular maintenance in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the daily fleet operations has fleet managers in a tight spot. Thankfully, the fleet maintenance software has given operators an upper hand.

Indhumathi D

18 Jul 2018

Many countries have prompted their citizens to use plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) by announcing tax reduction and incentive plans and investing a lot to adopt the appropriate infrastructure to promote EVs in their respective regions. They have also initiated plenty of plans and strategies to promote emission-free vehicles.

Indhumathi D

29 Jun 2018

Over the past few years, the progress made in conceptualizing and designing autonomous vehicles has put the deployment in top gear. But are the autonomous driving system ready for all the unexpected scenarios that the road may present? This predicament has stumped even the leading technological superpowers, including Waymo (Google), Tesla and Uber.

Indhumathi D

25 May 2018

The recent technological advancements made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things has set the ground running for the next-generation of intelligence. The impact of this revolution has affected various industries, including fleet management.

Indhumathi D

10 May 2018

Fleet-based businesses are often plagued by the complexities involved in its operations. From multi-geographical barriers, uncertainty surrounding the vehicle’s location to the overload of scattered information, organizations who manage commercial fleets face multitudinous challenges at every turn.

Indhumathi D

03 May 2018

On the 14th and 15th of March 2018, NDOT participated in the biggest event held for Vehicle Telematics at Park Plaza, Bengaluru. The conference accompanied by an exhibition was a joint initiative of Telematics Wire and Centre of Excellence to explore the connected automotive ecosystem.

Karthipriya S

11 Apr 2018

We, millennials, have witnessed a wide range of digital innovations in the transportation and logistics sector. As transportation is gradually evolving, this digital transformation will streamline various processes to deliver frictionless transits.

Indhumathi D

28 Mar 2018

With the alarming rate at which population growth and congestion have been grappling the world, the need for intelligent transportation system is critical. And so, technological advancements have found their way in the transport industry signalling the arrival of smarter transport.
Adoption of IoT
The growing concentration of population in urban cities has made traffic and road congestion worse.