#10 Common Mistakes While Handling Google Adwords

venkatesan | November 7 - 2014

Google Adwords is one of the favorable SEO tool used by most of the organization to promote their products and services. Adwords are paid advertisements which are charged only when a user clicks the ad to read, in other words it is pay-per-click option. Hence adwords are useful for generating leads. Sometimes, a poorly handled adword may not bring business. Some of the common mistakes that are made by the organizations while handling adwords and tips to improve on it are discussed below.


1. Ad Groups

Most of the companies fail to use the ad group. The adword supports the creation of different ad groups. The adword can be grouped based on the keyword. This helps to have a clear cut search for particular keyword leading to the adword. Specific ads can be viewed based on what people are searching using keyword identification via ad group.


2. Keyword match

The adwords allow to manage the keyword search in categories like board match, phrase match, and exact match. Placing the keywords properly helps to boost the adwords on the internet such that it is viewed by maximum visitors. One can begin with exact match and then try phrase match and broad match.


3. Negative keyword

Most of the companies are not aware of using the negative keyword. Adwords allow to use negative keywords that has to be excluded while searching for particular keyword. This reduces the confusion of searching the wrong keyword. By specifying the negative keyword, the search will exclude that word while searching such that search made is more relevant to the product/service. Google analytics can be useful for finding the negative keyword.


4. Test different variations

Companies sometimes fail to note whether their adword is up to the expectation of the crowd. The adword should be checked for different variations like unique headings or content. Testing these variations help to note which is best suitable to make maximum click throughs and conversion. The lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) should be considered. The adword that get highest click should be considered for placing the ad rather than what you think is good.


5. Bidding on brand

The company should bid on its own brand and advertise it, otherwise your competitor may utilize your brand to target traffic via adwords ad group. You may be high in organic ranking but it is wise to note if you are promoting the branding using adwords.


6. Lifetime value (LTV)

Understanding and applying the LTV is very much important. Analyzing the lifetime value helps for better promotion. The pay per acquisition has to be considered. The company should make more income per customer than what they spend. The company should calculate the LTV and manage campaigns.


7. Optimal ad position

For improving on branding, it is wise to place the ad in first two positions. For better results, one can place ad position in 3-5. The visitors are prone to click the top ads easily. But the ads on the side will be clicked only when they have no better results and they are seriously looking out for the particular service or product. Go for minimum bid for adword by Google say $1 in the beginning and then later move to higher bids to view the results if necessary.


8. Knowing the competitors

Not knowing your competitor is a drawback. You should utilize the competitor keywords and have good knowledge about the landing page to gain business via adwords. The ads should be appealing and attractive for the visitors to make a click through. One should analyze about designs, appearance, security factors etc.


9. Expect too much from adwords

There is no point in expecting bigger results with small investments on adwords. A minimal good amount should be floated into the adwords to understand if they are giving good results such that one could optimize the campaign.


10. Appropriate product/category page

The adwords must lead the visitor to the proper product or the category page. The landing page is very much important for attracting the customers and retaining them in the page. Adwords is all about leading the visitors to the apt solution which they are seeking.