10 ways to encourage your team

venkatesan | March 7 - 2015

The anticipation in an employee adds only further looking for recognition, wanting to identify that their contribution is heard and acknowledged. Such seeking of the employees is genuine and they expect to know if the values added by such employees have positive influence in the organization?

Nevertheless, managers are trying to make the employees feel more self-assured by not giving them too much burden and keep a balance in the office. And there is also the risk of losing real and unadulterated talent if there is a pressurized work environment.

Leaders become confused if their expectations are aligned with the same angle among every employee despite possessing different skills and behaviour with the employees.

1.Stop dealing, build problem-solving

Do not give lessons on employees’ performance system but enlighten them with why their contributions help solve problems within the organization. This way employee will be more fancied to the company’s work culture.

For example, show the team the result of the efforts as a team. Show the interconnections such as a factory product — appraise the value of the packing labels and work put on it by the employee.

2.Encourage inner drive

Employees are motivated if they are recognized beyond financial terms like profit, salary, incentives etc. Help them rise above flaws by talking about the mistake they did and how to avoid it in future.

3.Explain through knowledge

Establish your credibility by explaining through knowledge more than your title. If it is not demonstrated by facts, people might take lightly or may consider you as fragile.

4.Hold people accountable

Having understood the positive attitudes among the employees, it is important to make them feel accountable also. In order to make them successful and reach goals and targets, it should give them the courage to cross hurdles and make them answerable.

5.Know your team

It is easier said than done, because not all members in the team will be open. In order to be a productive team, you must know their personal side too. This will show that you care for them genuinely.

6.Be reachable

Always be there for your team. Answer questions, requirements or any advices that they need. Make use of the communications like email, mobile or any other latest technological usages possible to get in touch with the team at the right time.

7.What you say is what you do

This is the best way to entrust not only your team but also the entire organization as a whole. Do not do that you have not promised or said.

8.Be clear like a see-through mirror

Transparency is a factor that will solve problems easily and build trust and confidence in an establishment. Be clear about what you are and what you want.

9.Motivate to reach limits

You need not be a great pusher to get things done. At the same time make sure that the work is getting done and show that you expect excellence to be achieved and not average accomplishment.

10.Be flexible

Each individual may be different in a team. Some might be quick and others a little dependent. Understand the relations among each of them and being adaptable to each of them makes the task easier.