#11 Loyaty tips to Promote the business

Nandakumar | May 6 - 2014

Gaining loyal customers is the aim of any businesses such that they get repeat customers. Some of the tips which are useful for implementing the loyalty programs are discussed below:

#1 Excellent communication with clients: The first thing that will help to build loyalty is communication. The company should have proper channel for sending newsletters, reminder card, holiday greeting card, etc. Regular contacts with the clients can make the customers remember the brand and persuade to purchase.

#2 Be approachable to customers: Having recorded voices or number of steps to reach a human voice can be irritating for the customer when he wants to contact the company for any queries or doubts. This frustration can make him disloyal with the company. Hence customer service should be provided with simple procedures.

#3 Address people personally with name: Anyone would be happy if they feel the service to be personalized. Calling the customer with their name can add value to make them loyal to the business. The company staff can also share their names with the clients such that people feel comfortable and loyal with the company, leading to a long term relationship building.

#4 Provide customer service: The customer service is the key for the success of any business. Every customer’s problem should be attended personally. Customers should have options to contact the company in all means like email, phone, social media etc. Loyalty can be gained via good customer service and rich user experience.

#5 Employee trust building: The loyalty not only depends on customers but also on the employees. A satisfied employee can only service a customer better. The employee should find the organization to be trustworthy such that he can impart the same feelings to the customers.

#6 Train employees: The employees should be trained properly to convey the product features to the customer properly. The training session should be engaging such that it is worthwhile to educate the employees to attract more loyal customers.

#7 Customer incentives: Providing incentives to the customers can make them loyal to return to the business again and again. The incentives can be any type like buy one get one free, rebates, free gifts, free service, gift cards etc. The incentives can be based on the money spent by the customers. Incentives can be an useful method for attracting loyal customers during non-festival seasons or to promote new products.

#8 Creative rewards: The reward program should be structured such that they are feasible to the customers. Creative ideas can be framed with the reward program by making it interesting and motivating for the customers to buy the products.

#9 Product awareness: Proper analysis should be done on what products are bought by which cadre of people in order to promote the products easily to users. Creating an awareness of the product is quite essential for the success of the business to build loyalty. All possible medium should be adapted for product promotion such as newsletters, social media etc.

#10 Gain reputation: Quality products and prompt service can build the reputation of the business which is one of the major requirement for building loyalty. Clear communication is an added advantage. Customer should be informed at every stage of product order, dispatch, and service. There should not be any hard and fast rules. The company must adapt to simple policies that are not complicated for the customers. Company can also partner with other quality businesses to offer better service to customers.

#11 Feedback

Getting the feedbacks from the clients at every stage can help to provide quality products with enhancements which can gain loyalty among customers.