12 Must have features for Business Mobile apps

Nandakumar | August 1 - 2014

Plenty of business mobile apps are entering the market day-by-day that it gets easily lost in the crowd. Only few business apps like Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, Bump etc., have established themselves in the market. The main reason for this is the features of the app. The business app which provides flexible features shine in the market. Some of the main features of business apps that makes them notable among the public are discussed below.

1. Feedback/Social media integration

Today social media plays a key in connecting people and their thoughts. People share anything that is passionate for them on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Hence integrating social media can keep the user engaging while they enjoy the main features or functionalities of the app.

2. Customization

People feel comfortable working with customized environment for the app such as color, fonts etc. This may convert your business app to be more special for the users since they work in the environment that they like.

3. Eliminate clicks

One has to remember that business app is provided on the mobile. Therefore, the app should reduce or minimize the clicks that user has to make to access the business app. The user should not be diverted away from the app.

4. Analytics

This is the main feature that any business man will seek from the business app. The app should be able to track the user activities. The data should be processed by providing useful data that are relevant for the business or for the particular app function. Good user experience should be ensured.

5. Simple/Intuitive

You should not include multiple features in one single app which may confuse the user. Though features are good one, one should be able to manage minimal features in the business app such that it is functional and easy to use. The user interface should be intuitive and self- exploratory.

6. Space awareness

Keep the information that are relevant to the business app for particular function. Since the environment is a mobile phone, the features should also be made relevant. The intention of business apps is to simplify the process and not to increase the process. Only relevant information should be included in the app since the window is short.

7. Offline performance

In few cases, the business people like to have offline apps usage when the network has weak signal. This is a futuristic app feature which most of the apps do not provide. If an app allows to access the details offline then the app may provide good user experience.

8. Entertainment

Though the apps are for business purpose, some amount of games and competition may keep the app to be lively. This may attract the users to come back to the app repeatedly which provides some kind of value.

9. Speed

Of all and not the least, the business app should have good performance by providing speed and accuracy. The waiting time should be reduced such that business decisions and conversations are done quickly.

10. Call-to-action button

The business app should have prompt call-to-action button such that user can communicate at random speed. These buttons increase the functioning of the app and introduce proper user interface such that user can browse well in the app.

11. Push notifications

The business mobile app should have options for push notifications such that communication is established on the mobile using the app. This feature should also be used carefully since the user may get annoyed of repeated push notifications.

12. Contextual

Business man travels a lot and this may be one of the reason for us to include contextual messages in the mobile app. Information about the nearby location of luxury hotels, GPS facilities, ATM finder, etc can make the business app to be more lively for the users which can keep him/her attached with particular app.

The increasing awareness of the business world towards mobile marketing has led to invention of many mobile apps that are useful for marketing. Multiple features that are included in the mobile apps include QR codes, mobile responsive websites, etc. The business apps for news are also increasing which provides on palm information for the business man to keep himself updated. Hence mobile apps are the basic needs of every business man to manage the business more efficiently.