29 Dec 2011

Anyone can easily create an auction website with the help of auction script. Holding this website, you can conduct auction online or allow other sellers to place their products for auction on your website.
Availability in Market
You may find diamond dozen auction scripts in the market.


23 Dec 2011

People like surfing! They like surfing the internet, surfing the TV, and not the least surfing their phones. Surfing the mobile is more prominently seen than using a computer internet now-a-days. Mobile users seek for presentable desktop features.


21 Dec 2011

Storming the e-commerce world, social commerce has stepped in as the new but highly successful concept employed in marketing. Akin to any inquisitive customer who steps into a showroom, shoppers online are as curious to get to know the product better, before they shell out any riches.


05 Dec 2011

we are developing various mobile applications like android apps, iPhone apps, blackberry and windows phone apps. We have developed more than 50+ daily deals mobile application in iPhone and android platform with worldwide customers.
Also we have released few game application and fun application. Its running well in apps store. we are keep developing many mobile games.