22 Apr 2014

Mobilizing the Restaurant activities has greatly reduced the pressure for the restaurant owners as well as the customers who seek quality restaurant at cost effective pricing. The app allows the customers to get to know about the best restaurants in and around the specified place on the map. One can easily browse the food on the menu and order them in advance.


11 Apr 2014

Ads in any form are considered to be successful when it reaches effectively to the audience, i.e., the end user who is going to buy or use the service. Multiple types of medium have flourished with advancement in technology. TV is one of the main focus for many of the organizations to promote their ads. But the latest medium includes ads online and on mobile.


04 Apr 2014

The attitude of people towards surfing the internet has changed apparently with the introduction of mobile apps. Earlier, the end user preferred to browse the web using the smartphones instead of PCs. As per record, 55% of the internet usage occur via mobile. About 91% of consumers check the email on their smartphones.