Indhumathi D

28 Mar 2018

With the alarming rate at which population growth and congestion have been grappling the world, the need for intelligent transportation system is critical. And so, technological advancements have found their way in the transport industry signalling the arrival of smarter transport.
Adoption of IoT
The growing concentration of population in urban cities has made traffic and road congestion worse.

Karthipriya S

23 Mar 2018

Source of pollution
Vehicles with internal combustion engine are the major contributors to the environmental pollution, emitting hazardous gases into the atmosphere. Transportation is the major source of air pollution that takes a greater part in global warming. It leaves the carbon footprint on the mother earth and threatens human existence.

Indhumathi D

15 Mar 2018

Vehicle maintenance is an integral part of building a sustainable business as your fleet is the heart of your operations. Most fleet managers either adopt a fleet maintenance schedule that isn’t sufficient or neglects the entire process. The result is that businesses end up bearing expensive repair costs, face unexpected vehicle breakdown and delayed deliveries.

Indhumathi D

14 Mar 2018

Can you imagine a day without a smartphone? Terrible, right?
Technology’s role in our life is drastic and transforming the way we live and do things. When it comes to transportation, technology and mobility roll out plenty of convenience to the users and serve an inevitable portion in bringing effectiveness to its operations.