3 Ways to extend fleet benefits with fleet maintenance

Indhumathi D | July 24 - 2018

Maintaining your fleet in the top condition is one of the critical issues involved in fleet management. The difficulty of improving vehicle performance through regular maintenance in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the daily fleet operations has fleet managers in a tight spot. Thankfully, the fleet maintenance software has given operators an upper hand.

With a comprehensive platform that enables fleet owners to assess vehicle condition, receive DTC codes that identify faults, create work orders and schedule maintenance, – all from one place – there isn’t any reason why businesses shouldn’t adopt a fleet maintenance software.

Apart from streamlining the process of keeping your vehicles in optimal condition, here are three key benefits your business can derive from fleet maintenance.

Reduce downtime, boost productivity

Sudden vehicle breakdowns cause a rippling effect across every aspect of your business. Where the vehicle is unable to complete its assigned job, the business loses out on the opportunity to fulfil its commitment on time. With fleet intelligence, businesses have a better chance of minimizing breakdowns caused due to the preventable parts failure.

On-board diagnostics analyze the vehicle condition and the data is transmitted to the platform. When faults occur, DTC alerts are sent in real-time to the system. Fleet operators can assign service engineers to rectify the faults based on the severity.

This way, there will be fewer instances of vehicle breakdown and better chances of maximizing vehicle utilization.

Increase vehicle life cycle

Where an incorrect tire pressure can decrease fuel economy by 0.3% for every one PSI under the preferred tire pressure, irregular oil changes can lead to sludge build up affecting the engine health. These are only a few of the many ways irregular maintenance can deteriorate your vehicle lifecycle.

With regular fleet maintenance, fleet owners can gain the maximum productivity from every vehicle and, in turn, improve vehicle longevity. Operators can create maintenance schedules based on particular parts performance, miles traveled and other parameters. For every service reminder, the operators can specify a threshold which lets him plan the upcoming activities without involving the particular vehicle.

By putting a strategic plan with real-time and historical data, fleet owners can drastically extend vehicle life cycle.

Comply with regulatory standards

Growing stringent regulations have caused heavy expenses for fleet owners. From keeping the emission levels to a minimum to ensuring the vehicles pass for all the regulatory inspections, fleet managers can ensure complete compliance through standardized maintenance.

Reduced repair costs, improved fuel efficiency and maximized productivity are just some of the many benefits our fleet maintenance software brings to your fleet operations. Change the way your business plans fleet maintenance with CerebroX.