4 Reasons you must have a mobile application for your business

Nandakumar | February 6 - 2017

Nowadays, the usage of the mobile applications is equal to what websites were back in past decade. Mobile applications have become an integral part of every business, irrespective of their business size and niche. A stunning statistics says that 80% of internet users have smartphones and 89% of users across the world use mobile applications, while the rest of the 11% users spend on websites. There are several benefits of developing a mobile app for the business. In addition, it’s the most profitable and prominent way to delight your customers. Though most of the businesses have their website, here are the four great reasons to have a mobile application for businesses.

Increased visibility

Due to the high amount of smartphone usage, you can easily reach out to influencers, and the users will subconsciously sign up while searching for their need. Having a mobile application for the business will drastically drive traffic through providing inquiry which enables your brand to appear in the market.

Effective marketing

Mobile applications can make it easier to serve the expectations of your customer. Developing mobile apps can reduce the marketing cost which provides insights about price, flash sale, offers etc., by sending push notifications.

Improved availability to your customers

Mobile apps are much better in user engagement which let your customers reach you through helpdesk or live chat features. Applications like foodpanda and Domino ensuring better availability of mobile apps increase the brand favorability and purchase intent.

Keeping track with the technology

No matter what you are selling through your mobile app, your customer needs to reach you. Having a mobile app for your business will let you keep track, with the technology, of your audience which helps you measure your brand’s visibility. Your mobile application is the direct evidence to see the immense reach of your brand.