4 Steps for building an effective fleet maintenance schedule

Indhumathi D | March 15 - 2018

Vehicle maintenance is an integral part of building a sustainable business as your fleet is the heart of your operations. Most fleet managers either adopt a fleet maintenance schedule that isn’t sufficient or neglects the entire process. The result is that businesses end up bearing expensive repair costs, face unexpected vehicle breakdown and delayed deliveries.

Follow these four simple steps to build an effective preventive maintenance for your fleet.

Do your groundwork

First things first, begin by identifying the recommended inspection and preventive measures for your fleet. Every vehicle has its own requirement and it is imperative that your maintenance schedule suits individual vehicle condition. Also, make sure that your maintenance planning covers every new equipment or vehicle part added to your vehicle.

Some of the basic lists include oil change, tire replacement, braking, suspension system, headlights and transmission fluid.

Set your preventive maintenance plan

There are no predefined rules for setting your maintenance schedule. Fleet managers schedule their plan based on different criteria, including bi-monthly, bi-weekly and monthly basis or depending upon the distance travelled (for example, a preventive checkup for every 1000 miles). You can also plan according to the engine hours of the vehicle and fuel consumption.

The best way to avoid missing out on important maintenance deadlines and interruptions in work process is to choose a fleet maintenance software. With an advanced set of tools, fleet managers can keep track of upcoming maintenance and dispatch vehicles accordingly. Also, maintenance alerts make sure that the schedule is followed.

Take note of driver feedback

Your drivers are the ones who are on the road with your fleet. So, it’s important to pay heed to their driving experience. Is there any recurring vehicle repair? Are there any irregularities that need to be addressed? Allow your drivers to report any inconsistency in vehicle performance. Consider this factor while planning your maintenance schedule.

Record and analyse everything

Abiding by your maintenance schedule is only half of the battle. It is important to keep track of all the preventive checkups a vehicle has endured to maintain a vehicle’s healthy life. With a reliable fleet maintenance software, all the maintenance records are digitized, making it easier for fleet managers to view and analyse the vehicle.

Make the most out of your fleet and gain profitable returns with an effective vehicle maintenance schedule and a reliable fleet maintenance software.