The 4th Anniversary Day Celebration of NDOT

Nandakumar | May 29 - 2012

NDOT Technologies Pvt Ltd celebrated the 4th Anniversary of company Inauguration on 28/05/12, Monday, cherishing a moment for the management and employees to mingle together. It was a proud moment for the NDOTians to gather for celebrating the occasion when NDOT successfully entered into the 5th year embarking a journey of success.

The day started with a lighting ceremony followed by a welcoming speech. It was indeed a great moment to freeze in the memory of each NDOTians to be among a friendly environment with a charisma filling the air. The Managing Director of NDOT, Mr. S. Nandakumar, gave an inspiring speech which made the crowd feel one among the victory of massive achievements of NDOT which had huge unexplored potential to reach new heights.

The crowd constitute both the NDOTians and their families creating a pleasant scenario reflecting the strength of the company. It was a memorable moment for the founders of the company which was started with just 4 employees and today it has 150 employees. Following the MD’s speech, many NDOTians came forward to share their thoughts and experience that focused on varied subject which made the audience to feel among friends. The session was winded with vote of thanks.

By dusk of the day, the whole crew of NDOT flew to Jeney Club venue to celebrate the 5th Inaugural function. The evening was magical with lots of cultural programs performed by the participators from NDOT and NSCHOOL. It was a delighting moment for everyone to remember for rest of the year until the next 6th Inaugural function commences. The night passed smoothly with a pool side dinner.

The best performer award for the quarterly and for the last year was distributed by Mr.Nanadakumar with special prizes for best entertainer of the evening. After enjoying an entertaining evening, the NDOTians disbursed for the day with happiness and longing for the next bright occasion to celebrate the success together.