5 Android Apps That You Must Have for Your Business

venkatesan | May 30 - 2013

Most of the entrepreneurs started using their smartphone for performing their business activities. This is also one of the strong reason for the increase in sales of Android smartphones. Due to this many mobile app development companies started to focus a lot on developing the Android business apps. There are many business apps present in the Android market but here are the 5 Android business apps that every business entrepreneur must have in their Android smartphone.

1. Locale

Locale Android app can do wonders for you. If you are at the office then your smartphone will be put on the silent mode automatically and when you reach your home the mode is turned into the ringing mode. The app is built on very high functionality.

2. Documents To Go

This apps allows you to view and edit your Microsoft documents like PowerPoint, Word and Excel. You can also view the PDF files with the help of the Documents To GO App. This app supports file formats like doc,. docx,. xls,. xlsx,. ppt,. pptx.


GDocs app allows you to access your Google Docs that you do in web browser. As of now, one can view & edit your text documents and can also view the spreadsheets and PDF documents using the GDocs app.

4. Bump

Bump allows you to share the contact informations, photos, videos and other files between two phones. Just open the Bump app and hold in your hand then, the app does the rest.

5. AK Notepad

AK Notepad allows you to take a note while you are on the move. You can set reminder for the note which you want. Even you can share the notes through SMS, E-mail and more. You can also set a particular note to be visible on the home screen for quick reference.