5 Strong reasons for How Android Rules the Market?

venkatesan | August 17 - 2013

iPhone from Apple which is a standard company, still finds it very difficult to compete with Android from Google. There are plenty of strong reasons for the failure of iPhone to match with Android market, some of them are discussed below.


This is one of the major setback that is experienced by Apple. Android is much cheaper than iPhone which makes it popular among crowd


Android being an open source, there is much room for customization by third party developers. This makes the platform to be user-friendly and wide spread among the public. The iPhone does not support customization which restricts its usage among people.


The hardware used by the Apple company belongs to last generation which blows the market for iPhone. In contrast, Android is adapting to latest technologies relating to hardware. Samsung galaxy S4 is comparatively much better when compared to iPhone 5. Android wins the race by providing quality smartphone features at low cost.


Adding new features that attract customers is one of the major advantage of Android. It provides complete freedom for its manufacturers to add new features like boom sound, camera interfaces, and other multitasking facilities. Even waterproof Android devices have marked their presence in the market. Thus, Android has led to innovation and product enhancement with complete flexibility for the manufactures which makes the platform successful in the market.

User Experience

Android developer community is expanding with the huge demand for Android. User experience being the primary goal, ROMs for Android like CynogenMode and Paranoid Android are doing their best job. Developers forum is greatly helping the Android developers to fix flaws. Even though the income generated by Apple Store is greater than Google Play, yet the best user experience with refined apps are produced only by Android when compared to iPhone.

Google and Apple being major players in the market for smartphone, still Google steals the show by introducing various data and services like Google maps, Google Now, Google Glass etc. While iPhone remains less competitive in the market with closed operating systems. Thus Android remains user-friendly and famous among the crowd.