6 Vital Features of Responsive Web Design

venkatesan | June 15 - 2013

With more and more mobile internet users, it has become highly essential to optimize the web pages such that they are clearly visible for the end user across different devices. People are using different kinds of devices such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphone etc. The screen space in monitor is wide when compared to tablets or smartphones. Hence there is a need for resizing the contents to get the best display for easy readability.

Responsive web design is the right solution for optimal viewing across different devices with easy navigation, readability, user experience etc by applying concepts like resizing, panning, scrolling etc. The general screen sizes that are targeted by responsive web design includes desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. It shifts the content depending upon the screen size. Responsive web design eliminates the need for multiple versions of the site and automatically delivers the content within the context.

Some of the major features of Responsive web design are:

1. One site across multiple device: Instead of redirecting to device-specific site such as mobile site, responsive web design simplifies the work and allows a single site to reach across multiple devices such as tablet, laptop etc. Online contents can be optimized quite easily even to get displayed on smaller screen. This allows for catering good traffic from tablet and mobile devices.

2. Enhanced user experience: A unified CSS across devices provides a consistent feel and approach which enhances the user experience. This helps for increased sales and conversion rate removing all barriers.

3. Analytics and Reporting: Responsive web design needs to track only single site thus reducing tracking of conversion paths and funnels between sites.

4. SEO features: Improved visibility on Search engines can be achieved. SEO campaigns can be run effectively with unified strategy across devices. Page ranking can be improved.

5. Cost effective: You can save time and cost on mobile development and site management. Styles can be re-used and optimized. A single administrative interface can be used to manage across multiple device.

6. Offline browsing: The site can be easily and quickly accessed with offline browsing capabilities. Web applications can be used on the move without the presence of internet connection.

Responsive web design has a good scope in the market with the increasing need for media-rich internet and apps. Since the cost is reduced as well as vicinity in search engine is enhanced, the demand for responsive web design remains higher with better conversion rates.