7 Compelling reasons why you need a fleet management software

Indhumathi D | May 10 - 2018

Fleet-based businesses are often plagued by the complexities involved in its operations. From multi-geographical barriers, uncertainty surrounding the vehicle’s location to the overload of scattered information, organizations who manage commercial fleets face multitudinous challenges at every turn. Fleet management system has been a game-changer for businesses to achieve maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

If your business isn’t convinced by the merits of an effective fleet management software, here are seven compelling reasons that can change your perception.

Greater visibility of operations

Being unaware of your vehicles’ location and activities can be disastrous for a business. This puts your entire operations in jeopardy as your fleet managers will not be able to track the driver activities to ensure on-time delivery.

Where fleet managers earlier relied upon calls to know the exact location of a vehicle, a fleet management software lets them track vehicles in real-time and receive live updates on the fleet’s activities. No matter where your vehicle is positioned, you can monitor the vehicle’s activities from a single place.

Manage fuel expenditure

Fuel remains the biggest unavoidable expense for a fleet-based business. Most fleet managers continue to work on strategies to curb fuel costs, but without any results. What a fleet management software does is open up opportunities which help in reducing your fuel costs. From implementing optimized routes to monitoring harsh driving behavior that can lead to fuel wastage, a fleet manager can identify all the ways vehicles can reduce fuel consumption.

Reduce vehicle downtime

Fleets form the crux of a logistics-based company and so it is crucial to gather the maximum potential from your vehicles. Fleet management systems provide intelligent insights into a vehicle’s engine health and performance with the help of onboard diagnostics. With such data, your business can plan regular vehicle maintenance to reduce vehicle downtime and maximize fleet utilization.

Control harsh driving behavior

It may seem simple to establish safety guidelines, ensuring that these rules are being followed is a whole new challenge. A fleet management software automates your monitoring activities and brings in real-time data to control aggressive driving. With the help of a connected intelligence, both fleet managers and drivers receive alerts every time a vehicle exhibits harsh driving behavior, i.e. speeding, harsh acceleration and braking. This way, drivers can self-correct their driving pattern and fleet managers can ensure that only safe drivers take the road.

Improve safety measures

Protecting your company’s valuable investment, i.e. fleet and assets is a fundamental aspect of running a profitable business. With its tracking feature, a fleet management system lets you track the location of your resources and assets at any time. The advanced technology is one step better than your regular security measures as you can create geofences to trace every single movement of your fleet.  

Decrease costs, increase profits

Cost saving is a tedious and difficult process to achieve. A fleet management software diminishes this burden by providing a comprehensive outlook on your business operations. With such perspective, fleet managers can identify ways to reduce insurance costs that arise due to accidents, expensive fleet maintenance costs, operational costs like overtime wages, and a whole lot more.

Speed up the process and eliminate human errors

Time management remains the biggest reason why businesses go the fleet management way. By automating the operations and going paperless, your business will eliminate human errors and quicken decision-making process. Starting right from recording driver HOS, compliances to daily activity log, a fleet management system makes it relatively simple to operate an enterprise business.

Don’t limit the potential of your business by implementing obsolete practices. Switch to a fleet management software to increase your productivity and improve your revenue margin.