#7 Tips on How to Hire Developers Tactfully

venkatesan | September 2 - 2014

Are you planning to develop a WordPress site or develop Android application for your business, then you should take a pause to think before you select the company or person to whom you are going to give the project to develop. Your project will take shape depending upon the person or company which is going to develop your project. So, it is highly essential to consider the following points discussed below before you hire Android developers or hire WordPress developers or even hire PHP developers for building your site or application.

1. Previous experience

The experience speaks the quality of work delivered by the developer. Each person may be specialized in certain skills. It is important to identify the strength of each developer to vest the project with him. Proper interrogation with the developers can be an opportunity for the client to understand their skills and potentials. Experience of the developer is an essential aspect to measure the work done by him.

2. Work Portfolio

One should research about the past projects done by the developers to get an idea about the skill level of the developer. This can be useful to get a feel of the project. The Android developers should have good knowledge on SDK and libraries to explore app development. The WordPress and PHP developers should have good information about the technology such that projects are build successfully. All these information can be confirmed by viewing the portfolio of the developer. By checking the portfolio one can know about how many projects have been successfully done by the developer and what kind of application or web pages he has done previously. Portfolio reflects the credibility and creativity of the developer.

3. Knowledge of design to implementation and support

The developer should have the complete knowledge of various stages of application development such as design to implementation. The features of the project should be clearly defined. Security patches must be handled easily. Proper ongoing support should be provided which is possible only with a team work. Hosting of WordPress projects also play a key role in CMS handling.

4. Ability to work with team

The developer should be a team player who could adjust with the team to produce favorable results. The project development is a team work and therefore good co-ordination should be there among the team of developers. The success of the project depends on how well a developer is able to sync with others to develop a full-fledged project.

5. Deliverables and milestone

The complete project should be split into achievable milestones to make the development stage to be easy and flexible. There should be predefined milestones and delivery date such that project is developed within the time frame. The actual progress of the project can be monitored with project progress report which will define the achievement of set milestones.

6. Establish communication

Communication is quite essential for smooth development of the project. The developer should be able to communicate with the client regarding the project progress and clear other queries. Proper reports should be produced at every stage to communicate the project progress to the client. Hence communication plays a key role in the development of projects.

7. Cost and payment terms

The most important aspect of project development is to determine the cost and payment terms. The amount does not determine the quality of app or web page. Projects are developed with less amount as well as bigger amount depending upon the developer capability. One can compare the rates prevailing in the market to know the exact project cost that can be given to the developer based on proper agreements and terms & conditions. Face to face meetings should be arranged and a good relationship should be built with the client.

The clients can hire Android developers, hire WordPress developers, and hire PHP developers based on their capacity at discrete prices depending upon the developer’s experience, skill, and other features that contribute to costing. Often it is cheaper with pre-built modules. A good developer will utilize the libraries and SDK usefully to reduce the cost of the development. All the points discussed above are applicable for any size of project. It is recommended to select the best organization for all your Android, WordPress, and PHP projects after analyzing all the aspects discussed above.