9 Spectacular Advantages of Windows Phone over iPhone

venkatesan | August 23 - 2013

Among the race between Apple iPhone and Google Android, one forget to notice the market leader Microsoft presenting the Windows Phone. Among the top selling phones, Nokia’s Lumia 920 and 1020 having Windows Phone 8 is one among them which has many advantages when compared to iPhones and other smartphones.

Some of the best features of Window Phone 8 are discussed below which can even be convincing for the reader to opt for a Windows phone.

1. Handpicked wonderful apps: Windows phone app are very less in count when compared to other smarphone apps yet the apps provide a unique and rich user experience.

2. One place for social networks: Windows phone 8 has the people app which provides updates from all other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin under one roof which makes it convenient for the user to enjoy social updates

3. Best multi-tasking: With iPhone, one has to go through various screens to select a particular icon. In case of Windows phone, just pressing and holding a single button will show the currently used apps which saves time

4. Widgets on home screen: This is an exclusive feature provided only by Windows phone which allows tile shaped apps on home screen to quickly go through news or latest activities

5. Latest software/hardware: Windows phone keeps the current update with well connected Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and micro-USB. It also has detachable back cover making it convenient with removable battery.

6. Facebook messenger with text messenger: One can easily switch between facebook messenger and local text messenger utilizing the best possibilities of free text

7. Contact profile: Windows phone has a unique way of displaying the conversation details like message or email with the contact along with contact details. This keeps you up-to-date with contacts

8. Edit documents for free: The iphone users would have experienced that they need to pay extra for editing documents in order to download apps. But it is absolutely free with Windows Phone 8

9. Spic & Span Photos: Nokio Lumia 1020 supports 41MP rear camera with best clarity

Hence, Windows Phone 8 can be a wise choice for mobile lovers since it has extraordinary features. Infact, being a Microsoft product, it provides a intuitive interface. Its high-tech features adds more value to Nokio lumia 920 and 1020.