Advantages to develop applications in Kohana MVC framework

Nandakumar | May 14 - 2010

Kohana is a fresh, fastest php platform in comparision with any of its rivals. Kohana is built from CI ( Code Igniter ), though it has very good of new featuers on its own.

Kohana has its own robust structure using architecture of multi level file system. Any one can build an application, its very simple form classes & objects with built in library.

Kohana has Application, Modules & System. System will have all kohana system / core functionality. Modules are user defined, but can be consider as plugins. Its great useful thing when you building a version based application / Opensource application. Application will be mostly used for code of that application. So it gives a very good feeling to the developer.

File access application goes like this:

-> Modules
-> System

Application overrides modules & system if those have the same file name. Application folder has high level of visibility.

Kohana is faster, much faster. Its very simple. Dont have very huge library like Zend & not loading all those at start.

Kohana is pretty simple to use, no need for installation, database, configuration except the file path / directory structure.

Kohana has released much better version of 3+, it has options to integrate with 3rd party applications like wordpress, joomla. It supports to run kohana from a normal php file.

Most of the kohana developers are coming from India. Kohana is an emerging framework in India.

MusicMazaa is build using Kohana framework by NDOT- technology web development company.