AI in e-learning

vignesh | February 26 - 2009

Now a days AI is widely using in e-learning concepts , Computer is used for education last 20 years in that CBT ( Computer Based Training ) and CAI ( Computer Aided Instruction ) where used for teaching in these two techology it will only make decision for student to showing the questions depending upon the answering capacity.

For an example if the user choosed right question then the student should pass to next set off question or else move back to some other questions but in this technique learners ability is not taken into account but it will make the teaching good but like real tutor individual care is not present.
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To provide such attention new concept is introduced Intelligent tutoring system(ITS). This ITS provide a solution for this individual attention problem .

This ITS have 5 components

1) Student Module

2) Pedagogical Module

3) Domain Knowledge

4) Communication Module

5) Expert Module

This student module have a track of student perfomance as machine taughts,mistakes while learning and this student module will be an input for pedagogical module.

Pedagogical module is a teaching process in this process gives solution like when to review,when to show new topic or subject etc… so this module knows the students individual needs.

Domain Knowledge module is for teachers because without teachers ebility nothing can be teachen so it will monitor and analyse the teachers way of teach and improving etc.

Communicatin module is for UI, for interacting with student and how to show the materials in an efficent way.

Expert module is for teachers same like domain module in that contains information about teachers taught to the learner and how much skilled in a particular domain (for teacher).

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