Amazing Features of New Blackberry 10 Platform

venkatesan | January 16 - 2013

Blackberry has scored all these days in the market with few of its exclusive features such as QWERTY physical keyboard. But, the entry of touch screen mobiles and smartphones made a huge impact on Blackberry Rim causing a great fall down in the market. Now Blackberry is taking a new form of re-entry into the market with multiple features that is highly expected in the market. Blackberry 10 is changing its entire outlook by changing the core technologies of RIM to have touch screen keyboard.

Blackberry 10 is entering the market with lots of expectation because of its unbeatable features.

Some of the impressive features of Blackberry 10 are:

  1. Interface: The user interface has been designed very intuitive as well as easy to navigate.
  2. Browsing: The OS of Blackberry 10 is supported with HTML5 for best browsing experience.
  3. Private/Professional Data: The perfection of the Blackberry 10 is reflected with its ability to manage both personal and official data separately using QNX feature. The users can demarcate between their private and professional information.
  4. Blackberry hub: A new hub has been introduced which acts as the central place to manage all messaging, emails or social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. The users can now update their profile or post their comments easily using the hub option
  5. Calendar & Appointments: Business people will find the Blackberry 10 quite useful since there is calendar option to note information about the people and appointments. It is very simple to refer back to previous appointment of the person or get more details on the Linkedin or Twitter. The email follow up can be easily referred without even opening new browsers each time.
  6. Keyboard: The touch screen keyboard is the main attraction of Blackberry 10. The most typed words are sensed and analyzed to suggest for corrections along with SwiftKey option. There is also automatic different language suggestion option.
  7. Multiple open apps: Blackberry 10 manages upto 8 open apps on the screen which can be minimized using active frames.
  8. Multiple shot picture: The time shift camera has been included with Blackberry 10 which allows to take multiple shots of same picture and select the best one.

Above mentioned list of features are only few that are known to world about Blackberry 10 since its release is being much awaited for unveiling other features. There is a good scope for the Blackberry 10 mobile apps developers as the set and platform is quite promising. Infact, most of the Android apps can be converted for the Blackberry 10 platform with little efforts. Blackberry 10 is sure to hit the market with all its new perspective that can enhance the experience of the Blackberry users.