Android Installation and SDK configuration with eclipse Galileo..

saran | December 2 - 2010

I have installed android and configured in eclipse. I dont know anything in android, But i tried to install with one of my friend. Finally i run the program. I would like to share this procedure to all, It may helpful to you,


1. Install Java (JDK)
2. Download the eclipse galileo and run in your machine.
3. Download the SDK from
4.Run the eclipse by clicking eclipse icon
5.Go to this url Read the steps Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo).
6. You can confirm SDK is installed or not. Go to windows. You can Android SDK and AVD manager.Then click in this menu list.
7.You can see available package at left side, Just select it. The you can see one check box in right side. Just check it. After checking,you can see multiple package list, In that choose onle android 2.2 package.
8. Refresh it.
9. Go to Available package in left side. There you can confirm package is installed with SDK platform android 2,2 list.
10. Go to virtual device and give AVD name and target….

Setup is completed….

creating the Android first program:
1.File->new->others->android->android project
2.Fill the form with required input. Note:package name should be com.projectname.
3.In left side,right click the application and click run as -> android project.
4. You will get the output with android screen format.

Useful links while doing android setup…