Android Mobile Application Development

Nandakumar | February 16 - 2012

Apps are the word heard from most of the mobile users. The Mobile Applications or apps help the user to do a task easily as well as enhance the features of the mobile. There are plenty of mobiles available in the market which differ depending on the platform such as windows, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

The mobile technology demands innovative technology to meet the growing needs of the industry. The Android SDK is one of the best OS that supports development of feature-rich apps for Smartphone cost effectively. The use of Android-based Smartphones is booming, with more than 4,60,000 apps being already developed.

Companies prefer Android Platform for mobile application due to various features. Android supports 2D and 3D graphic animation using openGL libraries and for data storage it uses SQLLite database. It also has wide range of libraries for image, audio, and video files. Android supports GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technologies to send and receive data across mobile networks. It also has features of video camera, touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer.

The Android mobile applications are developed in various fields of the industry such as multimedia, location-based tools, bar code Scanners, travel guides, games, and utility. Android being a product from Google, the application development allows seamless integration with Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and much more.

The Android app development in itself is a systematic process and various methodologies are followed. Some of the methods used for Android mobile applications include agile methodology, waterfall methodology, extreme programming, and rapid action development.

For large size projects, agile development method is used wherein the entire software development life-cycle is broken down into smaller parts. The waterfall method is best suited for projects that has static requirements. The importance is given for planning, time schedules, target dates, budgets and implementation of an entire system at one time. The extreme programming method is utilized for Android mobile application development where quality plays vital role combined with agile methods. For urgent and quick delivery of projects, the rapid action development method is used. It avoids extensive pre-planning.

The Android platform is license free, royalty free, and open source. This facilitates to keep track with upcoming releases. A working knowledge of Java is the only need to barge into the Android application development that encourages many companies. Android has low barrier to entry as well as proves to be the reliable platform for inter-process and architecture.

An app comes to your hand after going through various stages. The app becomes fully live on reaching your mobile set. These android applications allow you to locate the nearest gas stations, hotels, update you with news as well as locate the nearest ATM. The variety of Android mobile application available in the market has made life easy and swift.