Animated Videos – An Innovative Marketing Tool

venkatesan | October 8 - 2014

Animation and cartoons impress the customers more effectively than pages of description or flyers. The images directly influence the decision making. A study reveals that animated videos reduce the time taken to make decision by 70%. Among the 80% of video viewers, 52% have taken some positive decision or action.

Some of the main advantages of Animated video include:

1. More attractive:

Animated videos are more colorful and attractive to keep the customers glued with the video. The message will reach more effectively with visual communication without any intention to push the message on the viewers.

2. Simple to understand

The animated videos are simple to understand. The viewers will be able to grasp the meaning of the video more prominently which is elaborately explained in the video as images. The verbal communication reaches the customer more impressively and has the capacity to explain the charts and graphs more clearly to the customers which assist them in decision making.

3. Global acceptance

The characters included in the animated videos are fictional and does not resemble to any caste or creed which helps to promote the video more globally. The video appeals to people all around the world uniformly thus creating a global market.

4. Reliable tool

Animated videos can explain the complex issues or products in simple animation and voice over. It is easy to explain any type of product features and its application using animated videos which makes it reliable for the marketing team to use videos to impress the customers.

5. Branding

The main aim of marketing team is to establish their brand in the market and it is easily done by animated colorful videos which insist on logo, themes, brand images etc. Branding helps to retain the product presence in the market in the long run.

6. Universal reach

The main advantage of animated videos is that it can be played across different medium such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. The videos can be handy tool to play on trade shows, meetings and presentation. Hence a single video can be played at different venues.

The main components of animated videos are discussed below.

1. Message

Each and every component of the animated video is vital for its success. The central message should be conveyed with clarity. The message must be able to capture the imagination of the customer and engage them to take positive actions.

2. Address customers

The video must be developed through the eyes of the customer such that the video explains all the product/service features vividly. The video should depict how the particular product/service will be useful for the customer. Explaining the benefits may motivate the customers for a sale.

3. Short text

The images, speech, and music should be in perfect co-ordination to achieve an effective animated footage. Too much of text can be avoided and importance can be given to audio and animation. Short phrases can be used for the cartoons to communicate.

4. Duration length

The average video duration length that is preferable is 90 seconds among which first 7 seconds is very crucial to impress the customers. An average of 85 words can be covered in 30 seconds, 160 words in 60 seconds, and 230 words in 90 seconds.

5. Call-to-action

For best results of successful animated videos, the problem should be placed within the first 7 seconds, later keep the viewers attached with the video. Call-to-action can be induced by presenting prominent subscribe buttons or providing phone numbers to call or contact for more information via mail.

Some of the benefits of animated videos are:

1. It acts like the best tool for explaining the business effectively to the end user within a limited period of time.

2. Leads can be generated with the help of videos which convinces the end user.

3. Videos can be listed on main pages of search engine result page (SERP) with proper efforts which can increase the sales happening on the site.

4. Traffic to the site can be increased by placing promotional videos on the site.

5. Visual impacts created by the animated videos can have long-lasting effects in the mind of the viewers who may be easily converted to customer.

Hence animated video can be one of the important tactics that can be adopted by the marketing team to attract more customers and increase sales.