How Not to Let Your App Disappear?

venkatesan | October 29 - 2014

It has been noted that one one in four mobile app (25%) downloaded is never used again. I bet you don’t want your mobile app to be one among them. Each app should be unique and useful such that more people are attracted towards it. Some of the tips to make your app succeed are discussed below which help your app not to disappear in the crowd of mobile apps.

Blogs/press release

Regular blogging can be useful to spread the features and uses of mobile app. Press release provides insight on the app on how it works and about its uses. News about the app can be placed under relevant category with demographic details which may bring the attention of bloggers who has the ability to create a buzz about the product.

Participate in events

Events help to showcase your app across the like-minded people across the globe easily. Many bloggers participate in the event to share their experience which may be useful for you. One can utilize this opportunity to inspire the bloggers to write about your product.

Platform independent

The app should be able to perform well across different mobile platform like Android, iPhone, etc. The app must be written such that they work properly across different platforms. Compatibility plays a key role towards app success.

Target audience

The app should be developed to meet the requirements of target audience. The needs for the app, goals, problems, solution, features etc must be clearly defined to make the app to be successful in the niche market. First impression is the best impression and the app may not get a second chance to prove its ability. Therefore, thorough testing of the app should be made before presenting them to the audience.

Intuitive interface

If the app user is unable to understand the working of the app, chances are there that he may abandon the app or stop using the app in future. The app interface should be simple to use with easy accessibility. An intuitive interface provides better user interface which may lead to build better customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Balance in design

The design of the app is an essential aspect to consider while building the apps. The app should be attractive, and at the same time it should not be overloaded with graphics. Imagination is the limit for creative app design while functionality of the app plays a key role for its success.

Plan the budget

Select the best mobile app development company of hire developers to execute your app in the planned budget with maximum efficiency. The app should be developed with lesser time, effort, and money in order to justify the investment.

Flexible updates

The app world is changing constantly. Therefore it becomes highly essential to build an app that is flexible to hold the future changes and update version release.

Go Viral

The app can be integrated with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. This engages the users to invite more friends to the app which can increase the ability of the app to attract more crowd.

Measure the success

The app should be constantly measured for its success to learn more about how the app has influenced the customers. There are many tracking tools which helps to measure the success and find the features or criteria that has fetched them good attention from the crowd or which features are ignored by the public.

Offer Free downloads

In order to attract more crowd to the app, it can be provided as free to download for certain period of time. For example, Whatsapp is free for one year and later charged with yearly subscription fee. This helps to generate traffic which is used to the app. In-app purchases may be encouraged.

Launching technique

Getting the recognition among the people may be a vital point to improve app functionality, But before that the app may be introduced in the market softly to get feedback and suggestions to implement correction in it. Later the needed advertisements or fame can be achieved without any worries regarding app failure.

Marketing and distribution

This is a critical factor that has to be given importance because chances are there that only few people may get to know about the app even if it is unique or original. Marketing helps to improve the visibility of the app in the app store.