What Makes An App Standout in the Crowd?

venkatesan | December 15 - 2014

The mobile apps have become one of the inevitable part in today’s modern world. There are piles of app out there in the market. Infact multiple apps are available for the same solution. Then how could one decide on going with an app? Here comes the importance of app intuitiveness and customer usability. Developing a feature-rich app with user friendliness and intuitiveness is the challenging part of mobile app development.

When you search for a particular app, dozens of similar app appears, but only few will get recognition in the market while others fade away. So what is the secret of success? User Experience! The app which is user friendly and make the customers feel happy and comfortable to use the app remain successful. A good customer relationship should be established in order to understand their need and specification for the app. The app must solve the current need and establish itself in the market with best user experience.

Some of the key factors that are essential to build intuitive apps are discussed below.

1. Engaging User Interface (UI)

The first and foremost need or requirement for an app to get itself identified in the market is user interface. The customers must feel comfortable when they use the application. It should utilize the maximum features of the mobile and explore the features to provide enhanced user experience. The UI should be consistent with an element of surprise for the users with fresh ideas

2. Simple design

Complicated designs may confuse the users. The design should be kept simple yet impressive. All the important and must-have features could be concentrated and developed avoiding the confusing features.

3. Managing Novice and Experts

The app should be developed in such a way that a novice is able to explore the features of the app easily as well as the experts find it interesting to use the app. This may be a challenging task. But the secret lies that balancing the features that are less complicated and more expressive can make the show running.

4. Responsive app

The mobile app should be responsive and intuitive to use. The user should be able to navigate across easily, vertically and horizontally. The responsive nature of the app determines how well the app is designed to withstand pressure.

5. Quality images

The site must be able to handle high resolution images. The images used in the app helps increase the user experience which may lead to better engagement of the customers. Visually appealing graphics may tempt the user to be engaged with the particular app.

Even when you have stunning ideas, sometimes it may not be possible to build an app as per the ideas. There are may challenges faced during the design and development stage and some are discussed below.

1. How the app works

The companies encounter the issues related to how the app should work which may reflect upon the actual functioning of the site. The app should be developed based on specific design.

2. App appearance

The outlook of the app determines the success rate of the app. The design and implementation should go hand in hand to develop an app with rich appearance.

3. Poor revision with low quality mock ups

The app should undergo robust testing and revision to provide impressive apps. But most of the app encounter poor revision of the app with low quality mock ups which leads to bad results.

The app should be self explanatory with good UI that is intuitive. Building prototypes of the app has its own significance during the period of freezing app ideas and creation process. Later the usability test help to watch on how users use the app. The app should be developed in a step-by-step process such that the app takes its own shape with rich features meeting all the goals and objectives.